Remote linux-based Time Machine using netatalk instead of smb

Update 2015-12-12: The info in this post is no longer correct; you can now simply follow the instructions on this thread, particularly this post on Dae’s blog to get Time Machine up-and-running. 😄

If you previously followed my instructions, to back out of the home-built netatalk, you can try the following:

sudo apt-get remove netatalk
cd /usr/local/src/netatalk
make uninstall

Then follow the instructions posted above.

My large file server once was able to act as a Time Machine provider over-the-air, back before Apple disabled the ability to use Samba shares as Time Machine disks. However, following a few simple instructions from these helpful folks below, I was able to make OTA Time Machine backups happen again.

Thanks, Daniel and Pepijn!