Basic Open Source Collaboration on Github

A couple of weeks ago I encouraged a college student to make his project open source and post it on Github (or Gitlab or Bitbucket or whatever). What had not occurred to me is that this person had never had to collaborate with other coders professionally or privately. He did not understand the implications or the process of pushing code to Github. The following is adapted from an email I wrote to this gent to explain the ins and outs, whys and wherefores of collaborating on Github.

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Twitter Embedded Timelines on self-hosted WordPress

Quick tip for hosting Twitter embedded timelines on a self-hosted WordPress. You will need a mere two links:

The Jetpack plugin brings an array of cool features to self-hosted that was previous only available via It was non-obvious why I could not simply follow the instructions in the guide, and searching the plugins for “Twitter Timeline” does not bring up much useful information.

Enjoy your new embedded Twitter timeline!

Blogging OSCon Day 2: Node Day

In which I learned to stop worrying and love the Node.js. During Node Day I was able to connect with real-world examples of people running Node in production, talking about why they chose Node, and how it was working out for them. As a by-product, I started to grok the things I had learned the previous day in the Node Tutorial. To sum up the talks of the day:

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Blogging OSCon 2011: Day 1 Tutorials

It is 2011 and I have decided to start a blog. That is a term coined by my friend Peter Merholz which means a “web log” or “online journal.” As you can see, Peter has been blogging perhaps since the beginning of time, or at least since the beginning of Swatch Internet Time. Whereas I have forsaken this flash-in-the-pan trend until now. I thought perhaps this would be a great way to ease into using Twitter, and also as a means to justify the cost to my company of dispatching me to Portland to attend OSCon. With that in mind, my first post shall concern the topic of OSCon 2011 and What Was Learned Therein.

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