VMware Fusion Networking Tips and Tricks


VMware Fusion’s networking configuration is a bit obscure and it is difficult to find information about it on the ‘net. I usually only need to achieve the following bits of config change, and they really only serve my need to tightly control all the things. I am posting this information here so that I never forget again.

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A Clean, Usable Facebook

Updated Dec 10, 2013 – Facebook completely re-vamped their design about six months ago and the new look and feel is actually manageable for me without the hacks listed below. I still know people using them, but I have not maintained these settings for the new Facebook.

Updated Aug 19, 2012 – Re-enabled header, removed groups photos specifically
Updated Aug 16, 2012 – removed “Pages and Ads” section
Updated Aug 8, 2012 – liberate tuteme ex inferis – added javascript

I am not a fan of Facebook’s user experience. Although I deactivated my account for a couple months and felt a state of blissful peace, I was eventually drawn back to it for social reasons. However navigating the super-busy UI felt like that scene from Event Horizon where the guy rips his own eyes out in the horror of his surroundings.

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Gamification Links to Get You Started

At the September 2011 GLP conference, I promised people some links on Gamification. These will hopefully get you headed in the right direction.

Jane McGonigal – Reality is Broken at Amazon – This is the book mentioned by Bob at the conference.

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world – TED Talk on the concepts from her book. You can also check out Jane McGonigal’s blog which has many more videos.

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Blogging OSCon Day 2: Node Day

In which I learned to stop worrying and love the Node.js. During Node Day I was able to connect with real-world examples of people running Node in production, talking about why they chose Node, and how it was working out for them. As a by-product, I started to grok the things I had learned the previous day in the Node Tutorial. To sum up the talks of the day:

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Blogging OSCon 2011: Day 1 Tutorials

It is 2011 and I have decided to start a blog. That is a term coined by my friend Peter Merholz which means a “web log” or “online journal.” As you can see, Peter has been blogging perhaps since the beginning of time, or at least since the beginning of Swatch Internet Time. Whereas I have forsaken this flash-in-the-pan trend until now. I thought perhaps this would be a great way to ease into using Twitter, and also as a means to justify the cost to my company of dispatching me to Portland to¬†attend OSCon. With that in mind, my first post shall concern the topic of OSCon 2011 and What Was Learned Therein.

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